Hans Vos (Nijmegen 1960)
education: Photographic Design in Apeldoorn
clients include: BAM Nederland, Ahold, municipality of Boxmeer, Rijkswaterstaat
Assignments are carried out in joint consultation and, if possible, with a personal interview

The following explanation of the word composition on Wikipedia describes my working method in my free work:
In the visual arts, composition is the arrangement of image elements according to a predetermined strategy.
It is an attempt to create order in the chaos.
The term composition is also sometimes used as the title of a work of art, when it is intended
has been from the artist to create a work with the aim of creating a fascinating surface division.

Exhibited include: Rijkswaterstaat Maastricht, Walls Amsterdam, Lindenberg Nijmegen,
Kunstkolk Boxmeer, Zwartwit Venray